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Oct 7, 2018:RT @DanFleyshman: $1,300,000 BANKSY artwork piece just ?self-destructed? right after it was sold at Sotheby?s auction!?? (An alarm sound w?
Web Three, ¡Mayday! Space Cadet Tour starts Sept. 21

Web Three joins ¡Mayday! and Joseph Rose on the 2016 Space Cadet Tour. 40 plus dates kicking off in Lincoln, Nebraska up through Canada and back down the East Coast. Check the flyer below for dates!

Web Three joins "Party Animal Tour"

Proud to announce Web Three will be joining the "Party Animal Tour" with Lil Wyte WIL E HAZE Rabbid aka 2bongz and more this June! Checkout the flyer for dates.

Web Three album release Party!

Join us as we celebrate Troy Longhurst aka Telle Crooks' 35th Birthday. Until we meet again... Let's help him LIVE FOREVER!!!

Web Three album release Party!

Enjoy Live Music, Fetish Performances, GoGo Dancers and much more... More acts to be added soon... More info to come... ♥

New song: No More Tortured Soul

Catch Web Three on TNT's Wake Up Call with The Rock!

Catch me this Friday at 9pm on @therock reality show #WakeUpCall on #TNT #webthree #webthreemusic #battlerap

ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Lion Da Animal

Thank you to everyone that tuned into ‪#‎wakeupcall‬ with ‪#‎therock‬ last night. At the filming I battled 4 times. Including twice against the guy the show was about. He was actually decent. For some reason the producers chose to change the script to make it seem as if he gave up and didn't battle..? Oh well. ‪#‎webthree‬ logo commercial tho! Lol.

Checkout my latest battle here. Thanks again guys.

Afroman, Web Three light up Propaganda!

Web Three set the house ablaze at Propaganda with Afroman! #becauseigothighbecauseigothighbecauseigothigh

ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Rob Blanks

And THIS battle has been a war of words between these two for a while, so this battle has been a long time coming. Both of these warriors have earned their bragging rights, and it only makes sense to have them go at it IN THE ART OF WAR!!!

New Times shouts out Web Three at infamous Stitches show

Got a mention in the New Times for playing the show with everyone's favorite/most hated coke head drug dealing monster Stitches. Hide your kids!

GRIND TIME NOW SILVER: Web Three vs. Spider Jay

Spider Jay and Web Three tryout. Raw footage released from the vault.

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